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Windows 7

Windows 7 was designed to meet the needs of both end users and IT staff by delivering mobility, flexibility, security and a lower cost of ownership. In fact it’s said to be the most advanced windows operating system for business PCs to-date. Preeminent Solutions fully promotes the upgrade to Windows 7 and can help companies of all sizes take complete advantage of the exciting new capabilities and performance enhancements afforded through the Windows 7 operating system.

As a business you probably struggle to keep employees motivated and productive while balancing the security requirements that are necessary to protect your data and systems.

With Windows 7 you can:

- Help your employees be productive (and happy) anywhere, anytime by providing access to the information and applications they need, no matter where they go.
- Enable user-state virtualization to access users’ settings, data and applications centrally across PCs.
- Improve business continuity and user rights with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Unified Desktop Management
-Reduce the risk of malware, viruses, information loss and data exposure with the Windows Optimized Desktop solution.
-Utilize virtual technologies called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to unify and simplify desktop management across the organization
-Reduce operating costs by simplifying and consolidating the client management environment to create a leaner infrastructure

Windows 7 has many deployment scenarios to fit your needs and is offered by Preeminent as a modular solution. Our staff has the strategy, expertise and skills to make sure your deployment is completed to your expectations. And we have best practices in place that we use to further reduce costs and maximize the value of your IT, and Windows 7 investment.

Please click our images below to see additional content for the following services:

  • Desktop Deployment Planning Services
  • Zero-Touch Windows 7 Deployment
  • Application Testing and Remediation
  • Application Packaging
  • Application Virtualization (APP-V)
  • Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)
Deployment Planning Service Deployment Planning Service
Deployment Planning Service
Zero-Touch Zero-Touch
Application Testing & Remediation Application Testing & Remediation
Application Testing & Remediation

Windows 7 Desktop Deployment Planning Service

The single largest cost your company faces in managing hundreds of desktops is the human resources required to deploy, support, manage, and maintain an efficient infrastructure with a modern desktop environment. Computer configurations require that your IT professionals have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to work with mobile devices, desktop computers, or laptops. A successful deployment can lead to higher usage and productivity. It also can result in a lower-cost infrastructure and improved return on your software investment. Preeminent Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS) can help ensure a successful deployment for your company. Let our skilled DDPS consultants assist your IT staff to ensure you are taking advantage of every opportunity while overcoming every challenge with ease and efficiency.

Zero-Touch Windows 7 Deployment

The Zero Touch Windows 7 Deployment Solution allows network and desktop administrators to automate the deployment process, reducing cost and errors. 'With Zero Touch Windows 7 Deployment Preeminent can quickly deliver an automated Windows deployment platform that will dramatically change how you manage desktops, laptops, and any and all devices on which Windows software and solutions are installed.

Windows 7 Application Testing & Remediation

Preeminent has over 5 years of experience in testing and validation of customers’ applications. The Testing and Quality Control team at Preeminent performs the following activities:

Software validation against customer requirements, using manual as well as automated testing methodologies

Verification of project related documents for correctness and completeness to ensure that the product is being built in right manner

Preparation of Test Plan and Test Cases

Functional Testing of Software, Test Documentation, Test Result Interpretation and Defect Reporting

Comparative Product Evaluation using Stress and Performance Testing

Technical Editing of manuals, guides and user documentation. Software Test Engineers are involved in the Software Cycle right from requirements analysis to design and development review.

Application Packaging Application Packaging
Application Packaging
Application Virtualization (APP-V) Application Virtualization (APP-V)
Application Virtualization (APP-V)

Windows 7 Application Packaging

Preeminent provides enterprise IT teams, including the MSI Packager, with the most advanced software packaging tools to efficiently prepare reliable application packages for deployment with a complete suite of automated MSI packaging, customization, testing and management reporting capabilities.

Are you ready for Windows 7 software deployment?

OS migrations and routine software deployments are among the riskiest functions of IT. Deploying a poorly prepared or tested software package can crash mission-critical applications, slow productivity, and send help desk costs soaring. Preeminent automates application preparation so that MSI packagers can prepare reliable MSI packages that deploy successfully with today’s most popular software deployment tools.

Windows 7 Application Virtualization (APP-V)

Application virtualization makes IT deployments significantly easier and more efficient. An effective application virtualization solution also enables you to manage both virtual applications and installed applications from a common interface. For more information on Preeminent's App-V services, visit our Virtualization Center.

Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)

Desktop virtualization lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer. Desktop virtualization has proven to be useful in companies of all sizes and in a variety of situations primarily dealing with incompatibility between applications and desktop operating systems. For more infromation on Preeminent's MED-V services, visit our Virtualization Center.

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