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Microsoft Deployment Planning Services

Don’t leave money on the table

All to often we see companies in a rush to implement new systems and quickly “get back to business as usual.” Great in theory but you may well be missing out on many of the benefits afforded to you as part of your software or services project.

Preeminent Solutions strives to help you take advantage of every opportunity there is to boost productivity and streamline processes across your organization. That’s why we chose to be certified in Microsoft Deployment Planning Services (DPS).

Deployment Planning Services by Preeminent Solutions will ensure you have an efficient deployment utilizing best practices while supporting your IT staff with experienced on-site deployment planning experts.

We offer Deployment Planning Services across three major business engagements including:



Generate a faster return on your software and services investment by engaging with a certified Deployment Planning Services Partner like Preeminent Solutions. We’ll help you maximize your investment, optimize your project and get you “back to business as usual” in the most efficient and effective way possible. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects.

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