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Approach & Methodology

Preeminent Solutions strives for the types of relationships that can only be formed when both parties have the highest level of trust and respect for each other at both a personal and professional level. This mentality is what has propelled a year-over-year growth at Preeminent - by referrals alone.

What does this have to do with methodology you ask? We think everything. We feel that our methodology helps us to foster trust and respect from our clients when we are able to repeatedly:

  • Meet or exceed our commitments
  • Deliver consistently high quality work
  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Add value with documentation and insight


It's all about the details

Here at Preeminent Solutions we are sticklers for detail. We pull in data from every possible viewpoint which means from day one our approach is to focus not only on the technology impact but also the financial and operational impact of our actions and processes.

We start out by defining the project vision, assessing critical business issues and success factors and reviewing existing infrastructure to identify possible issues, risks and opportunities. We then dive into lining all of this up against the best practices we’ve established over time by deploying Microsoft Operations Framework (MOFs) and Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF).

Hold up, hold up…I don’t know an MOF from a MSF you say. Well if you do, great. If you don’t, that’s ok too. Basically what that means is that we are really, really good at documentation. We have architecture documents and test plan documents and build documents and migration plan documents and on and on, We use all those documents to find ways to make your IT systems and operations as efficient as possible and we leave them for you as repeatable processes.

So if you are stacking one partner up against another be sure to ask them about their documentation and ask them about their deployment processes. Then ask US about OUR documentation and deployment processes. It’s what we’re known for!

Here's a broad look at our four phased approach

1. Assess - We look at your existing systems and procedures to understand your technology and organizational environment including your current issues and concerns

2. Design - We design a solution using best practices suited to your needs, and appropriately map technology to your requirements.

3. Develop - Once an appropriate design is created, we will develop the solution in the lab for Proof of Concept (POC) using the appropriate test plan derived from the Design phase.

4. Implement - We implement the products and services seamlessly and efficiently into your day to day routine with as little disruption as possible while providing necessary training and documentation along the way.

To learn more about our methodology or talk to us about your particular project needs please contact Preeminent at: info@preeminentsolutions.com or 800-771-2390.

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