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Welcome to the Preeminent Solutions blog!

It’s been a great summer so far and it’s hard to believe we’re half way through 2011. We've had the privilege of working on some really interesting projects already including creating a 5-year road map to migrate a 3,000-user energy company to all Microsoft technologies.  It was a rewarding project.  If you’re reading this blog then you’ve surely noticed our new website which we’ve been working on for a few months now and are so happy to launch.  We hope you like the fresh look and find the information useful.  We welcome your feedback below.

Many thanks to our clients who have been encouraging us to start a blog. We’re happy to utilize this platform to share tips and tricks and advice on how to get the most use and ROI out of the products and services we implement.  We’re also starting to lend our expertise and ideas to two group blog sites in addition to our own.  One will feature Microsoft SharePoint and the other Infrastructure.

So lots of exciting changes are taking place here at Preeminent Solutions and all are designed to deliver the most relevant, useful information we can to our clients, prospects and partners.  We value the work we do with you and the relationships we’ve fostered over the years and are happy for the opportunity to communicate with you all through these exciting new forums. 

So here’s your chance, give us some ideas of topics you’d like featured in our upcoming posts.  Tell us below what questions you would like answered, challenges addressed, technologies explained…. we’re here for you and look forward to your feedback. 

Check in regularly and comment often.

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