Providing Infrastructure Technologies to Run Productive Businesses

At Preeminent Solutions, we believe that to realize the benefits and efficiencies of technology, you first need a world-class infrastructure.  Your infrastructure is the foundation of everything you do and it needs to scale, deliver flexibility and provide reliability.  Each and every person in your organization depends on technology to some extent to be productive, so your IT infrastructure needs to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s possibilities.  Preeminent specializes in delivering the IT infrastructure to support applications and solutions that will allow you to focus on delivering business value.

At Preeminent, we don’t just leave your IT infrastructure better than we found it, we align your business needs with a technology evolution that will both support and drive your growth.  We leave your business better than we found it.   We take pride in our expertise and are passionate about our work and we think it shows through in every project we manage. We’d love to welcome you to the Preeminent partnership. Contact us today so we can get started. We’re here to help.

“You’ve heard the saying, ‘Leave something better than you found it.’ At Preeminent, we make sure your business is better than when we joined you. This philosophy is what has helped us grow our business exclusively through referrals and relationships.”

Abu B. Moniruzzaman, CEO & President

Why Preeminent Solutions?

Services you need

Preeminent Solutions focuses on delivering infrastructure services that safeguard your business, support business anywhere and enable technology to adapt and grow with the business.

Familiar Technology

We design and deploy IT infrastructures that empower people, maximize value and transform businesses - which is why we use Microsoft. The industry leader in innovation.

Years of experience

Our Microsoft Certified technologist have built decades of experience working on projects utilizing Microsoft technology.

Partner you can trust

Our business philosophy is to
meet or exceed our commitments
• deliver consistently high quality work
• demonstrate expertise
• add value with documentation and insight


Preeminent Solutions is always looking for individuals who are passionate not only about technology, but in making a difference for our clients. Whether your career path is relatively new or you’re a seasoned vet or somewhere in between, all of Preeminent’s successful employees have one thing in common – an unrelenting drive to use technology to help our clients grow and thrive.

If you would like to be considered for our team, please send your resume along with a short cover letter to